Shark Force is always will  be  committed  to the concept of multi-racial 
attitude, non-sectarial and views. We dedicated to satisfying clients needs for
protection of asserts and serve every clients individually or in groups through a
variety of access as for a quality security services.
Shark  Force  was   astablished  in   2013   with  a  groups   of  experts  in 
security industries  and  the  Malaysian  forces  to  provide  some  of  the   
comprehensive security   structures for  large   corporations  and  all   other 
sectors  specialises  in a full range of security services.

Our  vision  to  be a  formidable  company  that is  client  center  and
employee  focused  with  a  aim to  deliver  a  service  that  is  of  the
highest quality, thereby offering intergrated safety and security solution.
Shark Force    dedicated   to   excellence   perfomance,  committed
to  providing  quality security  services that  meet or exceed the needs
of clients.
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